Learning and Development

Welcome to the Learning and Development services offered by Leonard Consultancy and Associates. As a team of practitioners, we are individually and collectively committed to maintaining our own continuous personal development to ensure every person we work with experiences a quality, up to date service.

We recognise each one of us learn differently, our unique learning style affects how much we actually take away from a face to face training event, no matter how stimulating / informative the trainer is. Once we leave that training space, we are quickly immersed back into the busyness of daily practice. So, alongside all of the face to face training provided by the associate team, we have developed a range of e learning packages which support our face to face training. This blended learning approach ensures you do not have to remember everything which was said but will have online bespoke narrated presentation with core messages after each training delivered.

We have also developed a range of e-learning training packages to assist professional colleagues in the fields of child and public protection. These range from short information narrated practice segments addressing common questions through to CPD accredited courses which provide professional certification.

We will also develop bespoke training online for you and your organisation which can either be held on our website but only accessible to you and your staff or it can be prepared for integrating into your organisations existing online training platform.


Examples of ready to go narrated PowerPoints are:

  • The UK Legal context to understanding sexual offences
  • The UK legal context to understanding violent / domestic violent offences
  • Overview of Child Safeguarding
  • Overview of Adult Safeguarding
  • How to develop a safeguarding policy for your organisation
  • What is normal sexual behaviour – when does it become a problem?
  • Understanding Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Adolescents
  • Introduction to Assessing Sexual Risk in Children, Adolescents and Adults
  • Overview of types of Sexual Offending
  • Assessing Protectiveness in Child Protection casework
  • Introduction to assessing violent / domestic violent risk
  • Supervision Skills in Sexual and Violent Risk Casework
  • Interviewing skills in assessing risk
  • Understanding the impact of in person abuse
  • Understanding the impact of being abused through technology

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