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Modern Slavery Statement

Last Updated: September 2023

Leonard Consultancy is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and social responsibility. We are dedicated to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all our operations and supply chains. This Modern Slavery Statement outlines our efforts to address these critical issues and demonstrates our commitment to eradicating modern slavery in its various forms.

Organisational Structure

Leonard Consultancy is a safeguarding organisation dedicated to protecting vulnerable individuals from harm, abuse, and exploitation. We operate with a team of dedicated professionals who are responsible for ensuring that our policies and procedures align with our commitment to combat modern slavery and human trafficking.

Risk Assessment

We recognize that safeguarding individuals from modern slavery is vital, even within our own operations. We conduct ongoing risk assessments to identify potential areas of risk and vulnerability, both within our organization and in our relationships with external partners.

Due Diligence Processes

Our due diligence processes include:

  • Conducting background checks on all employees and volunteers.
  • Implementing robust recruitment and training procedures to ensure our staff and volunteers understand and uphold our commitment to preventing modern slavery.
  • Assessing the practices of our suppliers and partners to identify and mitigate modern slavery risks within our supply chain.

Training and Awareness

We provide training and awareness programs to our employees and volunteers to ensure they are well-informed about modern slavery and human trafficking issues. This includes identifying signs of exploitation, reporting mechanisms, and how to respond if they suspect any form of modern slavery.

Reporting Mechanisms

We have established clear reporting mechanisms for employees, volunteers, and stakeholders to report any concerns or suspicions of modern slavery. We are committed to protecting whistleblowers who come forward with information.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We continuously monitor and evaluate our anti-slavery efforts using the following KPIs:

  • Number of reported concerns and incidents related to modern slavery.
  • The speed and effectiveness of our response to reported concerns.
  • Supplier compliance with our anti-slavery requirements.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Leonard Consultancy collaborates with relevant authorities, organizations, and NGOs working towards the eradication of modern slavery. We actively participate in initiatives aimed at addressing these issues at a systemic level.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We conduct regular assessments of our anti-slavery efforts, reviewing and updating our policies and procedures as needed to remain effective in our commitment to combating modern slavery.

Communication and Transparency

We are committed to maintaining transparency with our stakeholders. This Modern Slavery Statement is publicly available on our website, and we actively communicate our efforts to employees, volunteers, donors, and the public.


Leonard Consultancy remains steadfast in our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking. Through our policies, procedures, training, and partnerships, we strive to protect vulnerable individuals and promote a world free from exploitation.

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