Leonard Consultancy and Associates believes in the importance of ongoing professional development and in particular in the ever-changing world of child and public protection. We also recognise the need to be responsive to the needs of organisations in times of crisis, like Covid19, times of change and economic challenges. Therefore we have developed a range of blended learning and development solutions to meet your needs. However, we also believe in working with our commissioners to develop bespoke training we feel ensures the most effective transfer of learning to practice for professionals.


The Associate team are all highly specialised professionals who have extensive practitioner, management and strategic experience which they bring to each unique training event whether face to face or through online forums. We are all committed to maintaining our individual professional development and as such are always up to date in the current research and practice in our fields. This ensures all our training is dynamic and constantly reviewed and updated as new knowledge comes to light through research, to ensure practice is as responsive as possible.


A range of the face to face training which can then be delivered in a tailored manner for your organisation are outlined below.



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